Custom Cookies

All cookies are made to order by hand, and created especially for you! Because our cookies are  completely customizable, pricing varies depending on the design. See chart below for general pricing, or feel free to send us an inquiry for a custom quote!

Basic Cookies

Staring at $48/dozen

Standard Shape

1 - 2 Icing Colors

*Two Dozen Minimum


Starting at $32/dozen

Cake flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Confetti

Frosting: Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream

*Two dozen minimum

Detailed Cookies

Starting at $54/dozen

Standard or Custom Shape

2 - 5 Icing Colors & Consistencies

*Two Dozen Minimum

Elaborate Cookies

Starting at $60/dozen

Hand-cut / Custom Cutter Order

Multi Layered Details

*Two Dozen Minimum

Custom Sugar Cookies


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